What is the future for Europe?

Thessaloniki, 26-27 April 2016 | Programme

The workshop titled "What is the future for Europe?" is the first in a series of public events planned by the European Research Network on Social and Economic Policy (EReNSEP) and Research on Money and Finance (RMF) for 2016. Our aim is to attract a broad alliance of progressive thinkers to provide a forum for serious debate on European policy. Participants at the workshop include academics from leading universities in Spain, France, Germany and elsewhere. Participants also include members of a wide range of political organisations actively seeking a new strategy, such as the Candidatura d’Unidat Popular (CUP) in Catalonia, the Parti de Gauche in France, the Initiative for Democratic Socialism (IDS) in Slovenia, and Die Linke in Germany. There is also a strong Greek intellectual and political presence.

On the evening of April 27th an open political meeting will mark the conclusion of the workshop, at which Oskar Lafontaine and Costas Lapavitsas will be keynote speakers.