First RMF Report on the Eurozone Crisis: Beggar Thyself and Thy Neighbour

rmf-reportMarch 2010

RMF report considers the causes of the Eurozone crisis and discusses alternative policies.

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Download Executive Summary in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. Download Press Release  in English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

For Media Coverage of the Report see The Guardian (by Larry Elliott, 15 March 2010), Público IPúblico II (in Portuguese, 18 March 2010), Birgün IBirgün II (in Turkish, 18-19 March 2010), Jornal de Negócios IJornal de Negócios II (in Portuguese, 19 March 2010), El Pais (in Spanish, 20 March 2010), Epohi (in Greek, 21 March 2010), Kathimerini (in Greek, 21 March 2010), The Guardian (by Costas Lapavitsas, 21 March 2010), BBC World Service (interview with Costas Lapavitsas, audio posted: 25 March 2010), Kokkino (in Greek, interview with Costas Lapavitsas, audio posted: 25 March 2010), Vima (in Greek, 27 March 2010), Makedonia (in Greek, 28 March 2010), Público (in Portuguese, 28 March 2010), El Pais (in Spanish, 4 April 2010), La Vanguardia (in Spanish, 4 April 2010), Epohi (in Greek, 4 April 2010), Eleftherotipia (in Greek, 11 April 2010), Epikaira (in Greek, 13 April 2010), Deia (in Euskara, 16 April 2010).