Third RMF Report on the Eurozone Crisis: Breaking Up? A Route Out of the Eurozone Crisis

November 2011

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For Media Coverage of the Report see Journal Utopia (in Greek, by Christina Laskarides, 5 December 2011), Der Standard (in German, interview with Annina Kaltenbrunner, 1 December 2011), Public Service Europe (by Jo Michell, 30 November 2011), La Vanguardia (in Spanish, interview with Costas Lapavitsas, 22 November 2011), Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (in German, 21 November 2011), iEco (in Spanish, by Isabel Stratta, 20 November 2011), Epikaira (in Greek, by Leonidas Vatikiotis, 17 November 2011), The Miami Herald (by Joanna Kakissis, 17 November 2011), Prin (in Greek, by Petros Kosmas, 13 November 2011), El Pais (in Spanish, by Amanda Mars, 13 November 2011), The Observer (by Heather Stewart, 13 November 2011), Eleftherotypia (in Greek, by Leonidas Vatikiotis, 12 November 2011), CNN (by Costas Lapavitsas, 10 November 2011).