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New RMF book out now: Crisis in the Eurozone

JUNE 2012

All three RMF reports on the eurozone crisis are now available as a single paperback, with a new introduction by Stathis Kouvelakis. Crisis in the Eurozone is published by Verso BooksCrisis-in-the-Eurozone-201x300

“This book is indispensable for anyone trying to make sense of the European Union’s implosion.”
– Alex Callinicos, Professor of European Studies, King’s College London

“Crisis in the Eurozone combines the urgency of front-line reporting with insightful detail about the players involved and mechanisms at work”
– Gary A. Dymski, Professor of Economics, University of California, Riverside

“The most comprehensive, thoughtful, and insightful dissection of the Eurozone’s problems. If you could only read one item on this momentous crisis, this book would be it.”
– Stergios Skaperdas, Professor of Economics, University of California, Irvine

For Media Coverage of the Book see Socialist Review (by Joseph Choonara, June 2012), Guardian (interview with Costas Lapavitsas, 13 June 2012), Observer (by Heather Stewart, 24 June 2012), Publico (in Portuguese, interview with Costas Lapavitsas, 29 June 2012)

A Crisis of Financialisation

A Crisis of Financialisation, C Lapavitsas (ed), Brill, 2009. Contributors: C Lapavitsas, G Dymski, M Itoh, C Morera, J Rojas, P dos Santos, JP Painceira, D Papadatos and N Ergunes. Also forthcoming in Spanish and Chinese translations.